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Comprehensive All Breed Dog Grooming

This course offers one-on-one atmosphere in a residential setting.

Want to open your own dog grooming shop? Have someone join you in this course, we take up to 4 students at a time ONLY. Instructor lead by Kathy Sanders each day. All students are provided their own doggie subject. You will have the opportunity to groom many different dogs that come through our Doggie Day Care, Pet Foundations and other contributed means. Plenty of down time to enjoy the nearby amenities.

Groomadogacademy - secure your spot today!

Below are highlights of our course and subjects covered in our curriculum:

Breed Recognition & Dog Behavior, Anatomy and Breed Specific Style Techniques

Dog Grooming Tools, Equipment, Proper Use & Care

Blade, Clipping, Blade Work and Techniques

Bathing/Drying, Finishing, Skin Disorders, Ear Care and Nail Trimming

Professional Hand Scissoring: Basic and Advanced

Successful Shop Recommendations, Business Planning, Regulations and Outlines

Includes Groomer's Assistant Bathers Course - $1400.00 VALUE!

Course completion includes membership to our online Groomadog correspondence course, forum and community. 

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